Important Information
  • Prices shown are EURO.
    Every transaction must be settled in this currency.

  • The auction results are available two days after the auction took place at the internet as PDF.

  • Items which not have been sold can be bought during a one week period after the auction.

  • The auction catalogue is 15,- EURO within the EU and 20,- EURO overseas.

  • Payment for absentee bidders can be made by money transfer or cheque. The amount of the invoice must be credited in full in EURO.
    Items shipped at once payment has been credited in full.

  • Containers which has been intended for flammable gas can not be send by air.

  • Shipping charge for bulky parcels in the sense of the German Postal Service ,,Post AG/DHL" command a higher shipping charge.

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about the items, the bidding or any other question. We would be glad to give you further information.

  • Miss print, errors and modification excepted.


The description for the lots come to auction basis on my 16 years experience of collecting vintage tin toys and die cast cars from sources around the world. Every item will be examined carefully by myself in advance before the description will be written down.

In case you would like to have further information concerning an item, or you are not able to read the accompanied description, do not hesitate to drop us an email.

new/excellent (Unplayed with. Hardly noticeable wear from storage or transportation inside the box is possible. Box may show very little rubbing on edges or slightest creases from storage)

very good (Item show little wear like tiny scratches, little chipped paint, rubbing on edges or stickers. Wodden soldiers may have some tears, Boxes may have slightly creases or little dents from storage)

good (Item show more wear like scratches, some paint loss, surface rust on metal-parts, small dents, missing few little parts. Boxes may show tears or small missing parts or more dents. Still very collectable and not a junk toy)

If there are any further questions, just drop us an email. We would be glad to give you all information you need.

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